We rise above, we lift our heads to the sky
we walk in time, we walk through our lives
And all that we are we put on display…
Oh, The Wild is coming. 


Wild eyes to see it all, pieces of his past
but wandering in the blue can never last
November cold to keep us warm
And a bottle’s keeping him alive, still alive 

Hold fast love, just a little while for me
All away, all these darkened bones to bear
the fated waves, the fated waves 

Wild thoughts to keep us lost, digging in our heels
is there light there, is there life there
searching for the last known point, afraid to wake at all
don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t say a word 

Every road circles back again, to the marble floor
faces on the walls, all that we’ve heard before
Friends for foes, Sylvia won’t you run, the palace awaits
flowers in your hair to force a smile from the coldest heart
open the gates 

Everyone knows that we’ll never be
in the life who we want to be
So we count our stars we fill our wells
but we sell our dreams to Master Misery 


I used to have a name that meant something good to me
but when did I let it fall into disrepair
I used to know my face when I looked in the glass, but now
it’s just dark and troubled 

I used to think my path was clear and straight ahead
but now every day’s a fork in the road
I used to hear you, I used to know your voice
but now it’s just dust and smoke 

Remember younger days when time stood still for us
and all we had was love and all we had was new
Now we’re older love, minds grow dark and still
something locked away, screams to get out 

Trouble finds the best of us, and it leads us on
and the days and nights are an endless draw
hold the blade for long enough and the fingers bleed
all we want’s to live, all we want’s a damned reprieve 

We were born alive, sunlight shine, we were born alive 


I watch the coast for signs of life
or is this storm just in my troubled mind
through Houston with the rising sun
as our poet leaves his verse undone 

I cant let this go, I cant let this be
sand through my fist, it’s just washing out to sea
yeah dark water stands over me 

Stronger than a North-wind blown
but nothing ventured, nothing known
and these bee’s inside my brain wont cease
these flowers of thought their masterpiece 

I close my eyes and I see his hand
tightly collapsed inside your own
I wish to god that it was mine
but I guess I never felt like home 


You left your shoes on the front porch baby, come back inside cause’ new snow is falling and it’s twenty below, where do you go? 
You say “don't you worry honey, when Im in my bare feet running I feel so alive. Just stay inside” 

Oh, the lights are glowing, oh the lights are burning
but our fire is out
Oh, the night’s grow longer, oh the nights grow colder
but our fire is out, and my heart grows tired 

Is this all there is or is there something Im missing?
We give our youth and our souls for a day in the sun, what have we done

We all get stoned if we say different, change only comes
if they prescribe it, so we all get in line, yeah we’re living blind 

I found my love by the river frozen, a smile on her face and flower growing
out of her skin, the beauty within, our ice is so thin 


Lord save me from myself, this bottle’s looking mighty fine
and her smile and her cigarette make me wish I was young again
And she’s leaning in and I know that I could take her home
but somehow the thought of you makes me stop myself 

Lord save me from myself, but do they want you to
Lord, if these are your children why don’t they look like you
I read somewhere that what you’ve done to the least of these you have done to me
but I’d rather drown my soul, then feed it to the wolves I see 

So I’ll stare down the bottom of this glass until I forget her
yeah Ill stare down the bottom of this glass until she’s gone 

Til the well runs dry 


When all this falls apart will you wonder at the life you never had
Charging for the light, but our mind’s are running out the back
Every stone unturned is a road never to be known
and all our youth is wasted, wasted on the fool 

 I, just wander through the rain
All the drops, pounding on the pane
And all the shapes, somehow no surprise
Practice what they preach, just another lie 

Charging through the darkness darling, grasping all that you left behind
like resurrection now could somehow make things right
every stone unturned is a voice never to be heard
we use all we’ve lost to show how much we’ve learned 

I, just wander through the rain
All the drops, collecting on the pane
And all the shapes, somehow no surprise
Practice what they preach, just another lie, just another 

Broken phrases making light of all the life you see in pain around you spoken to the well the wild, but double edged their smiles will drown you darling never be ashamed for all that you have ever lived is all the makes you all the words dressed in concern they will in turn use to burn you to the ground
burn us to the ground, all we ever...


The sounds, they bend, filling all the spaces
and I hear, the wind and rain, in perfect harmony
singing through the pane 

And the dearest friend, the light, left me long ago to see the world
and I wait, for his return, he’ll show me all the things
that I long to learn 

And the voice was hard and cold, filled with all the struggle of growing old
and I pressed his hand to my heart
“don’t ever be afraid of going back to the start” 

And the dearest friend returns, but all I hoped he’d know
I’d learned on my own 


Wait, watch the fire die, feel the warmth return to your veins Stop, if all we do is run, never will we grow in this ground Love, you hold your cards so close and bound by things unknown, your mind betrays you Stay, and I’ll hold on to you, in spite of all your fears you make me stronger 


Darling I can see your scars but I don’t need to know their names
And all the voices in your head, they will never change us, they'll never change us 

Love, a light to calm your nerves and arms to hold you close and never leave you 


The light I hold is filling the ground with hope
it twists and it turns around us, no longer alone
I am alive inside as it reflects in your eyes
the brush-stroke sky, and oh, the red sun 

i could face broken glass rain, or even the darkest dream
thats haunted all of my numbered days
if only I knew that after it all had gone
the light would return and hold us close

and never fade, the red sun, why so afraid? 

I’ve been left a fugitive on the run, closing the gap between
this boy and the man that I must become
and I am alive inside, all of the fire I’ve survived, watching it burn their eyes, the red sun 

How many times? one time too many
look at us now, the saviors of all we’ve ever seen